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Neverwinter Online Control Wizard Max Damage Thaumaturge Build

by JSNon August 15, 2013
This Control Wizard build I am going to show you today focuses on maximizing damage, while providing sufficient control at the same time. I have to mention that this build works best applied to PVE encounters, but will also do well in PVP. The attributes’ priority should be Intellect, Charisma and Wisdom in this exact […]

Useful Neverwinter Online Class Builds and Guides

by JSNon May 14, 2013
This post is inspired by a famous thread on the official Neverwinter Online forum. It contains a series of class guides and builds, very useful especially for beginners and not only. I hope this helps you. Trickster Rogue (TR) Executioner Build Guide Another Executioner Build for Level 60 Guide for PVP With Video PVE Dungeon […]