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The Official Hunter Ranger Skills and Powers Video

by on December 10, 2013
It’s been a few days since the launch of Module 2: Shadowmantle. The official Neverwinter Online website has just posted the official interactive trailer for the Hunter Ranger class, showing a quick preview of the skills and powers available. The term “interactive” is great for this video, as it lets you choose the path to preview.

The concept

The concept of the video is very interesting. The “story” is actually like a mini-dungeon run and the skills you choose will be used by the character to advance deeper into the dungeon. This is not a build, but a preview of the basic skills a Hunter Ranger has at his disposal.

The choices

The first choice you get to make:
  • Rapid Shot – a quick burst of arrows
  • Aimed Shot - a very powerful, single-target skill
neverwinter-hunter-ranger-skill-pwoer-build-1 Next on, you can make another choice:
  • Boar Charge – kind of shapeshifting into a boar and charge enemies with a series of hasty melee strikes
  • Commanding Shot – very much like Boar Charge – melee, hasty, deadly
neverwinter-hunter-ranger-skill-power-build-2 Moving on, there are also 2 options:
  • Marauder’s Escape – an evasive leap, very good to escape encounters or right right in the middle of the action
  • Rain of Swords - a high jump followed by a powerful melee strike with your daggers
neverwinter-hunter-ranger-build-skills-powers The elite encounter will let you choose between:
  • Hawk Shot - a very pwoerful, pierceing ability
  • Forest Meditation - you enter a meditative state (grass grows around you lol) and gain some boons
neverwinter-hunter-ranger-build-skills-powers-4 You can watch the official video below; it’s very interactive and captivating.

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