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Neverwinter Online Hunter Ranger Builds

by on December 27, 2013
Here is a list of very useful resources for Hunter Rangers in Neverwinter. We aren’t the owners of this information, as it belongs to their publishers on the official Neverwinter Online forum; we are just posting it here for all of you to make use of it. In the weeks to come, we will post a whole series of our personal, updated builds for 2014 and lots more interesting and useful content. Until then, check out our selection below:

Hunter Ranger Hybrid Build for Endgame

This is Kasepoint’s build and it focuses on great PVP damage and a high AOE DPS output. It involves huge crits and crit severity, strategic play and it is also based on key encounters. Check it out here. Additionally, here is the video version and compilation of this build.

Hunter Ranger Nature Build

2082e62190d2aa332ecbf616c8817c6d1383267678 Obsidiancran3′s build will explain the best choices in terms of what race, gear, and stats to choose depending on your playstyle and preferences. The very good thing at this build is that it discusses gear choices into detail, so I recommend that you check it out here.

Hunter Ranger Survival Melee Build for PVP

neverwinter online hunter ranger build melee pvp combat survival Voltomey created a great combat, melee Hunter Ranger build for PVP. The build is designed for being hasty and doing massive ammounts of burst DPS. Moreover, with this build, you can take 2-3 (or even ore) enemies at a time (Wow!). Check it out here.

Hope you liked this list and found it helpful.

Stay tuned for more Hunter Ranger builds and guides, as we are working on them as you read this. Our original, unique content will be available soon.

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