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Devoted Cleric PVP AoE Build

by on July 6, 2013
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This is a highly efficient, Neverwinter Online Devoted Cleric AoE build for PVP. It focuses on a different approach, focusing on AoE heals, buffs and debuffs instead of cultivating single-target strategies. With decent gear and a good understanding of this build, you can be unstoppable in PVP.



  • Divine Glow - Very useful for dealing some damage, but what makes this skill very useful in PVP is its very long range. This way, you can use it to finish enemies who use run or dodge skills to get out of battle.
  • Bastion of Health – This is a very good AoE healing spell, with a very low cooldown.
  • Astral Shield – Perhaps the most important skill a Cleric has at his disposal. It generates an AoE HoT which, at the same time, increases the Damage Resist Buff by 20%.

At will:

  • Sacred Flame – A very pwoerful At will spell, it generates Divine Power very fast, also awarding party members in your radius extra HP (which depends on your Paragon Points skills)

Daily spells:

  • Hallowed Ground – This is a crucial AoE buff and debuff. When casting all the other AoE spells, with an extra 10% added to the base of this spell, you can generate huge buffs for you and your team and debuffs for enemies.
  • Divine Armor - This spells looks a lot like Hallowed Ground. The main difference between these two dailies is that Divine Armor is a defense-based spell, awarding extra temporary HP, instead of a damage buff.


Tier 1

  • Greater Fortune 3/3 - This is the perfect match for our current healing purpose. With Wisdom as your main stat and healing as your main goal, this feat is perfect.
  • Toughness 3/3 – For a healer class in general, extra HP is always an important thing, so 9% extra HP can only be a good thing.

Tier 2

  • Domain Synergy 4/5- Following the aim of this build, recovery is another important aspect. The better gear you equip, the better this feat will be processed and have a significant effect. 

Tier 3

  • Repurpose Soul 3/3 – This is rather a weak tier, so this would be the best option, as a 15% heal for a small AoE is decent.
  • Initiate of Faith 2/5 – You can either use 3/3 in Repurpose soul and 2/5 in this feat, or 4/5 in Initiate of Faith and 1/3 in Repurpose Soul. It’s up to you.

Tier 4

  • Cleanse 1/3 – This is quite useful, because it can be activated bu AoE’s, so, depending on your luck, you could be able to generate 5 Cleanses from a single Bastion of Health.
  • Bountiful Fortune 4/5 – as Divine power is the base of the concept of this build, spending the remaining points on this feat would be the wisest choice.


Much like the Feats, Paragon Paths are really wide open to whatever you want to do. To be a healer I think the Faithful and Righteous Paths are the most powerful, the Virtuous ‘Main Power’ is damage oriented so it’s not as viable. I find myself using a lot of Divine Power so I choice the Faithful path as it gives another ‘Charge’ to your Divine Power allowing you to have 4 rather than 3, which is one more ability in a fight. The final thought that went into my decision was Sovereign Justice (the Righteous Path ‘Main Power’) keeps you from being as mobile as to get the most out of it you need to roam with 2 others at least, whereas the 4th Divine Power slot allows you roam with another person and get much more out of it. Outside this path I have as follows for Feats. Regarding Paragon Powers, as an extreme healer, I believe following the Faithful and Righteous path would be best. While the aim of this build is frequently using Divine Power, the Virtuous path, which is oriented to damage, wouldn’t be fit here. So, going for the Faithful path will give another Divine Power charge, allowing you to have 4 instead of 3. So, the main advice here is to use Sovereign Justice from the Righteous path. Besides this option, you may spend your Feat points as explained below:


Tier 1

  • Rising Hope 1/5 – This is a great option for additional Power and Recovery stats, being a consistent buff which lasts 30 seconds (this is the average duration of most PVP encounters), so it’s a great choice when aiming for PVP.


Tier 1

  • Enduring Relief 5/5 – This is a must-have for the Divine Mode  strategy on this build.

Tier 2

  • Benefit of Foresight 5/5 – If you are going to use Foresight, this will add a significant extra percent.
  • Linked Spirit 5/5 – Using AoE heals all the time, a 5% increase of your stats (Power and Recovery as primary) is awesome.

Tier 3

  • Invigorated Healing 5/5 - This powerful Feat will be processed by your AoE spells you frequently use.

Tier 4

  • Mark of Mending 5/5 – With the Healer’s Lore active, this makes Divine Fortune very good.
  • Moon Touched 4/5 – With this Feat, your Hallowed Ground and AoE spells will make your team almost invincible in PVP. With decent gear, you can be unstoppable.

Tier 5

  • Greater Divine Power 1/1 – This is undoubtedly the key to a good Cleric, making it a lot easier for you.

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